You are “our children”. We are concerned “family, and community” members who care about you.

Many of you are choosing to take your lives and think we don’t care.

We do care, and have launched a website to let you know that we value you, we will listen to you, and will provide you with resources for you to get help, as well as give you a voice.

Michael Bucher - Cherokee, award winning singer/songwriter, who has dedicated his career to helping Native youth to veer away from suicide and choose life. Michael can travel to reservations to perform concerts and work with young people in workshops – he also can share how his life can serve as an example of success.

Black Bear - Blackfeet/Cree, an individual with nearly thirty years of experience of working with Native youth, specifically in regards to Native teen suicide.

Patrick Doyle, creator of the country’s largest Native American radio programming and content website.

Vincent Schilling – St. Regis Mohawk an award-winning author, photojournalist, radio show host and executive vice president of Schilling Media, Inc. As a Native American in the media world, Schilling can talk to youth about building a better tomorrow by giving themselves a voice in the media and web-world.

Molly Bigknife Antonio – Shawnee, works with her husband, Gino Antonio, Dine’, in conducting cultural workshops/field trips with youth primarily from Window Rock, AZ, on the Navajo Reservation. They have created a non-profit, Pollen Circles. (under construction)

Susan Deer Cloud – Mohawk/Blackfoot, a poetess and teacher of creative writing–has published numerous books of poetry. Susan is devoted to getting out the voices of Turtle Island people and helping younger Natives by encouraging their honoring of themselves through writing and all other arts.

JoAnn Sartorius, is a consultant, trainer, and program manager for youth suicide prevention (i.e., Natural Helpers, peer helpers in the schools).

David Cloud – Cherokee, another caring person, who once “danced in close to the darkness”, saved by his love for his animals, and now works as a CPA.

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